02 February 2022

ESCORIAL® Launches Knitting Yarn Collection with World Leading Traceability

Escorial the rare and luxurious fibre brand showcases their first knitting yarn collection at Pitti Filati in Florence this week.

Escorial known throughout the world for making exceptional fabrics have joined with FIBRETRACE® Transparency Technology to provide verified and audited, real-time traceability on patented Escorial raw material.

In a collaboration Escorial and spinning partner Suedwolle Group have adopted the FIBRETRACE® process giving in-line world leading traceability and transparency.

A FIBRETRACE® luminescent pigment is spun into the fibre at spinning point with Suedwolle Group, this is matched back to the authenticated Escorial certificates with woolgrowers.

A FIBRETRACE® scanner is then used every point of the supply chain, and finally at the warehouse or the store, which identifies the potency of the Escorial wool signature and so providing anti-counterfeit measures. If desired, a QR code can be printed on the reverse of the composition label, allowing consumers to rapidly view the sourcing path from their mobile phone and providing all important trust in the Brand.

The power of this technology ensures that the Escorial wool is verified pure, and the industry challenge is overcome, where wool fibres are blended at market by traders in China and Australia from 1000’s of farms to achieve volume.

FIBRETRACE®’s mission is to ensure every member of the textile supply chain has the ability to take direct accountability to reduce the environmental impact on the global industry.

"Sustainability and traceability have been at the forefront of Escorial since day one, providing a traceable to origin guarantee,’ says Peter Radford Founder and CEO of The Escorial Company, New Zealand. “With FIBRETRACE® Escorial now steps into a league of its own.”


Pitti Filati - Stand B9: Biella Yarn - Suedwolle Group. Escorial.



Giles Meredith-Jones (present at Pitti Filati Stand B9)

The Escorial Company Ltd - Director of Global Business Development

+1 917 497 5331 giles.mj@escorialgroup.com