Escorial fabrics have a beautiful handle and people often think it is cashmere or vicuna, yet it is actually a rare and precious noble fibre. Escorial fabrics wear like a second skin with a comfort and performance like no other. 

The Escorial distinction is in the heart of the fibre that performs as a naturally coiled spring known as the ‘helical crimp’ delivering bounce and resistance to compression. It is this curly attribute that delivers suppleness and fluidity in the Escorial fabric making a lightweight garment with amazing drape, durability, and crease resistance. 

Escorial fabrics are woven and distributed exclusively worldwide by Luxury Fabrics Ltd of Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Over 150 fabrics are available in 3 exclusive Escorial bunch books and available in cut-lengths. Each season with attention to detail and good craftsmanship the best is brought out in the Escorial fibre resulting in extraordinary suiting, jacketing, and coating fabrics.

To learn more or enquire into Escorial fabrics or bunch books please contact:

 Robert McQuillan
Sales Director - Escorial - UK
T: +44 1274 470088

 Peter Radford
Chairman - Escorial - NZ