The foundation of sustainability for Escorial is the commitment to the preservation of a rare breed. The small number of Escorial flocks, gentle on the land, are treated with care, grazing in their natural environment amongst open natural grasslands.

Environmentally Sustainable & Traceable to Origin

In 1998 Escorial became a registered global brand to protect and promote a special type of curly fibre that creates extraordinary fabrics.

The Escorial name and trademark stands for sustainability and authenticity, a guarantee that a fabric or garment carrying the Escorial name is traceable to origin, is naturally grown, adheres to excellence in animal welfare and comes from a quality-controlled source of supply of integrity and provenance.

Escorial has a unique supply and distribution pipeline from the fibre to the product.

Due to the small amount of flocks grazing in their natural environment and hand selection of the fibre each season coupled with exclusive manufacturing partners; Escorial can trace garments directly back to origin.

The high level of attention to detail performed in every stage enables the customer to experience an exceptional Escorial garment that will outlast.

Sustainable farming practices and animal welfare are and will continue to be at the the forefront for Escorial fibre growers, coupled with reducing the environmental footprint to leave the land in good condition for generations to come. Escorial prides itself on a high level of attention to detail, from the small sheep growing in their natural environment, to fibre selection each season to spinning, weaving, and finishing to ensure the customer receives a luxurious Escorial product - one that will last for years.