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The Escorial Guild has been established (2024) to raise awareness of Escorial, a rare, sustainable and unique natural fibre and the extraordinary fabrics and garments it makes.

The Escorial Guild stands for quality, heritage, guaranteed traceability and transparency to origin, excellence in craftmanship and manufacturing and a commitment to deliver the end Escorial customer an exceptional wearing experience.

Members of the Escorial Guild include a select group of the world's best tailors, retailers, weavers, spinners, manufacturers and growers.

Escorial has a controlled supply and distribution pipeline from the farm to the final Escorial product. Due to the small number of flocks and objective selection of the wool each season coupled with a small amount of manufacturing partners; Escorial can trace garments directly back to origin.

To join the Guild or for more information, please contact us.

Logo of the Escorial Guild, symbolizing the preservation and promotion of rare Escorial fibre
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